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I leverage extensive experience within the civil, family, and immigration law justice system, preparing civil and immigration cases for trial, reviewing evidence and case law, and engaging with law enforcement officials to review reports and evidence.  I create a defense for clients relating to immigration, domestic and family law. My experience is far-reaching and includes consulting on the filing process for resident visas, political asylum, and building defenses in deportation cases. I serve as a subject matter expert, supervising pro bono attorneys and advising them on filing motions and other related immigration paperwork. Additionally, I provide subsequent oversight for paralegals and interns, extending supplemental training and troubleshooting with representative cases. 

I am a seasoned attorney with years of immigration, family, civil law, and management expertise. I am a community-minded citizen with a desire to ensure the extension of legal services to all. I especially have a passion for International law and rules surrounding dual nationality, human immigration, and naturalization. During my career, I have established myself as a subject matter expert in domestic and family law and political asylum case preparation. As a management professional, I have provided oversight for paralegals and interns, providing supplemental training and troubleshooting with representative cases.